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Ph.D.,Electrical Engineering, Syracuse University

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Major Field Optical Communications, Optical Engineering, Diffractive Optics

2009.2 ~ 迄今 Professor, Graduate Institute of Electro-Optical Engineering/Department of Electronic Engineering, National Taiwan University of Science and Technology
2006.7 ~ 2009.7 Chairman, Taiwan Internet Association
2004.2 ~ 2008.10 President, Koos Broadband Telecom Inc.
2004.2 ~ 2008.10 Executive Vice President, Gigamedia Limited.
1999.9 ~ 2004.1 ]Professor, Department of Electronic Engineering, National Taiwan University of Science and Technology
1993.9 ~ 1999.8 Associate Professor, Department of Electronic Engineering, National Taiwan University of Science and Technolog
1991.9 ~ 1993.8 Assistant Professor, Department of Electrical Enginnering, University of Alabama in Huntsville

2007 譚昌文et al, 光纖通信網路, 五南出版社,教育部顧問室評選為優良教科書

Research Achievement
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  [5]   Chang-Chia Chi,Chen-Wen Tarn,Hong-Mao Lin,"Active Network Monitoring System and Method Thereof," U.S. Patent,NO.:US 20140119724 A1, May 1,2014

Research Achievement
Title Total Amount Conduct From Conduct Until Client

Academic Year Thesis Title Student
105 Active Acousto-Optic Lens for 2D/3D Switchable Autostereoscopic Display System I-Ju Chen
102 Design a Cost-Effective and Monitoring-Active System for TDM-Passive Optical Networks Chi, Chang-Chia
95 On-Line Polarization Mode Dispersion Monitoring and Mitigation Technique using Acousto-Optic Tunable Filter Bao-Jeng Tseng
94 The Signal Quality Evaluation of an External Modulated Lightwave Communication System under the Influence of Polarization Mode Dispersion Jian-Jyh Kao
89 Polarization Changing and Beam Profile Deformation of Light Wave During Acousto-Optic and Magneto-Optic Interactions Ray S. Huang
Academic Year Thesis Title Student
103 A Plastic Optical Fiber-based Polarization Scrambler He, Jheng-Hong
103 A Visible Light Emitting Diode Communication Module with Multiplexing Characterization Yang, Meng-Xin
103 In-line Optics Fiber Chromatic Dispersion Monitoring System using a Time-Domain Method Huang, Zheng-Yi
103 A Design of a Optical Fiber Network Fault Measurement Module Based on Coherent Detection Chen, Pei-Chi
102 The Diffusion of Light Through Biological Tissues Diah Kusuma Wardhani
102 A Single-Light-Emitting-Diode Transceiver Module with Automatics Switchable Transmitting/Receiving Function Lin, Huang-Liang
101 A Single-Laser-Diode Transceiver with Automatic Switchable Receiving/Transmitting Functions Lin, Hong-Mao
100 A Novel TDM-PON Monitoring System Using the Modulated ASE Noise as the Light Source Yu-Ju Chen
95 Next Generation FTTx Solutions using PON and Gigabit Ethernet Technologies based on the CATV Fiber Infrastructure 朱志明
93 The Bit Error Rate Evaluation of an Electrooptic Modulator under the Influence of Polarization Mode Dispersion 林男穎
93 An Adjustable Second-Order Polarization -Mode Dispersion Compensation Technique 林儒呈
93 The Polarization-Mode Dispersion Mitigation Technique Using an Acousto-Optic Tunable Filter Approach 買昱鈞
93 Theoretical and Experimental Analysis of the State of Polarization Changing and Differential Group Delay of Acousto-Optic Tunable Filters 吳俊賢
93 On-Line Polarization-Mode Dispersion Measurement 陳瑞育
92 Polarization Mode Dispersion Effect of a Fiber Bragg Grating 鄭宇竣
90 Theoretical and Experimental Analysis of Polarization Mode Dispersion in an Erbium-Doped Fiber Amplifier 洪豪良
90 Theoretical and Experimental Analysis of Polarization Mode Dispersion in an Electro-optic Modulator 吳欣庭
89 A Double-Transmission-Capacity Optical Transmitter by using a Mach-Zehnder External Modulator with Different Signals Modulated under Two Orthogonal Polarrization States. 李豪隄
89 The Design and Analysis of a New IP/DWDM Architecture with Header and Payload Carried under Different Polarization States 紀長嘉
89 Theoretical and Experimental Analysis of Polarization Mode Dispersion in an Acousto-Optic Tunable Filter 林義雄
87 The BER Performance and Bandwidth Efficiency of Hybrid AM-VSB/DWMT SCM Lightwave Transmission Systems 劉信億
86 The Linewidth Characteristics of an Apodized Acousto-Optic Tunable Filter 王正明
86 The Analysis of Optimum Pre-clipping Level in Hybrid AM-VSB/QAM SCM Lightwave Systems 辛宏賓
86 The Study of Fundamental Second-Order and Third-Order Nonlinear Distortion in Semiconductor Lasers 曾保彰
85 A Rigorous Formalism for Optical Directional Couplers beyond Weak Coupling and Small Phase Mismatch 謝禎徽
84 A Q-Parameter Approach to the Designing of Confocal Microscope System 鍾安華
84 A Spatial Fourier Transform Approach to the Bragg Acousto-Optic Interaction beyond the Slowly Varying Envelope Approximation 黃瑞書
84 The Study of the Near-Bragg Acousto-Optic Interaction 王正忠
83 以空間傅立葉轉換的方法所建立的半導體雷射放大器模型 鄧志剛
Academic Year Project Title Student
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