陳漢宗 Hann-Tzong Chern photo
Associate Professor
Ph.D., University of Southern California, U.S.A.
EE 601-7

Office Hours 星期三下午2:00~4:00
Telephone 886-2-27376364
Homepage http://www.et.ntust.edu.tw/people/detail/a-09.htm
Major Field Coding, Computer Networks
Course Random Process, Mathematics of Engineering(I), Mathematics of Engineering(II), Local Area Network, Queueing Theory、Computer Network、Advanced Computer network、DS-CDMA、Modern Celluar Network

Research Achievement
  [1]   "Enhanced Bandwidth Allocation Using the Statistics of Arrival (EBACSOA): A Scheduling Algorithm for WiMAX Network",Hann-Tzong CHERN, Chun-Chieh LEE, Jhih-Syue JHOU,2015,Vol.E98-B, No.8, pp.1553-1560
  [3]   Hann-Tzong Chern,Shih-Chi Yang and Kuan-Ting,"AODV-deleting path with bad BI (AODV-DPWBB)" Journal of Measurement Science and Instrumentation. pp. 354-359, 2010
  [3]   Bandwidth allocation using the statistics of arrival (BACSOA): A scheduling algorithm for WiMAX network Hann-Tzong Chern; Chun-Chieh Lee; Hong-Kan Chen Industrial Electronics and Applications (ICIEA), 2012 7th IEEE Conference on Digital Object Identifier: 10.1109/ICIEA.2012.6360870 Publication Year: 2012 , Page(s): 1006 - 1011 IEEE Conference Publications
  [4]   Enhanced distribution channel access — Modification of the intial & thereafter CW (EDCA-MITCW) Hann-Tzong Chern; Hung-ta Kuo; So-Tsung Chou Systems and Informatics (ICSAI), 2012 International Conference on Digital Object Identifier: 10.1109/ICSAI.2012.6223297 Publication Year: 2012 , Page(s): 1397 - 1401 IEEE Conference Publications
  [5]   The bandwidth adjustment in the last round (BA-LR) for WiMAX network Hann-Tzong Chern; Hong-Kan Chen; Chia-Hsing Hsieh Computer Science and Automation Engineering (CSAE), 2012 IEEE International Conference on Volume: 1 Digital Object Identifier: 10.1109/CSAE.2012.6272677 Publication Year: 2012 , Page(s): 649 - 653 IEEE Conference Publications
  [6]   Hann-Tzong Chern,Shih-Chi Yang and Kuan-Ting,"AODV-deleting path with bad BI (AODV-DPWBB)" in: The Second International Conference on Smart IT Applications (SITA2010).
  [7]   Bandwidth Control Protocol in WiMAX Network Chia-Hsing Hsieh; Tsung-Ju Wu; Hann-Tzong Chern Parallel and Distributed Processing with Applications (ISPA), 2010 International Symposium on Digital Object Identifier: 10.1109/ISPA.2010.102 Publication Year: 2010 , Page(s): 342 - 349 Cited by 1 IEEE Conference Publications
  [8]   AODV protocol with scheduling priority flow in MAC layer (AODV-SPF) So-Tsung Chou; Hann-Tzong Chern; Cheng-Mu Shiao Networked Computing and Advanced Information Management (NCM), 2010 Sixth International Conference on Publication Year: 2010 , Page(s): 612 - 617 IEEE Conference Publications
  [9]   Pre-allocation of unused bandwidth algorithm: A QoS control protocol for 802.16 network Chun-Chieh Lee; Yu-Ho Chang; Hann-Tzong Chern Industrial Electronics and Applications (ICIEA), 2010 the 5th IEEE Conference on Digital Object Identifier: 10.1109/ICIEA.2010.5516744 Publication Year: 2010 , Page(s): 160 - 165 IEEE Conference Publications

Research Achievement
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Academic Year Thesis Title Student
Academic Year Thesis Title Student
98 Adaptively Dynamic Tuning of the Contention Window for Enhanced Voice Service in IEEE 802.11e Networks Hung-ta Kuo
97 The Maximum Lantency and Minimum Hop Count AODV protocol Shih-Chi Yang
97 Adaptive Bandwidth-Borrowing Algorithm in WiMAX Network Tsung-Ju Wu
97 Arrival Prediction Residue Bandwidth Allocation Algorithm: A QoS Control Protocol in 802.16 Network Yu-Ho Chang
97 Adjust dynamic priority data mechanism:A QoS Scheduling Algorithm for WiMAX System Ming-De Tang
97 The Research of Broadcasting Protocol's efficiency for Mobile Ad Hoc Networks Ming-yang Chiang
97 The Study of Directional Antenna with MAC Protocol for Ad-Hoc Jui-Hung Lai
96 Optimization of Fair Bandwidth Allocation Algorithm:A QoS Scheduling Algorithm for IEEE 802.16 System Chun-Chieh Lee
96 Residue Bandwidth Allocation :QoS control method in 802.16 network Siang-Yu Chen
96 Transmission Power Dynamic Adjust Algorithms:Adjust MN’s Transmission Power in AdHoc Network Jin-jia Chen
96 System Integration for Ethernet over Coaxial Network System LIEN-HSING WANG
96 WLAN Multi-Channel Direct Link Algorithm Hsien-cheng Li
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