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Distinguished Professor Dean of Graduate Institute of Electro-Optical Engineering
Ph.D.Electrical Engineering, Michigan State University
EE T2-504-1

Office Hours Every Thursday AM10:00~PM14:00
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Laboratory Green Energy-Optoelectronic & Nano-Tech Thin Film
Major Field Optoelectronic materials and devicesNano-materials and Nano-devices, Bio-photonics applications, Solar cell applications
Course Electronic Materials, Microelectronic Processing Technologies, Semiconductor Physics and Devices , Nano-materials and Nano-device, Processing and Analyses technoligies for Nanoscience

2015.02 ~ 2018.01 National Taiwan University of Science and Technology, College of Electrical Engineering & Computer Science, Dean
2012.07 ~ 迄今 National Taiwan University of Science and Technology, Graduate Institute of Electro-Optical Engineering, Distinguished Professor
2011.08 ~ 2015.01 National Taiwan University of Science and Technology, College of Electrical Engineering & Computer Science, Associate Dean
2007.08 ~ 2012.06 National Taiwan University of Science and Technology, Graduate Institute of Electro-Optical Engineering, Professor
2004.08 ~ 2007.07 National Yunlin University of Science and Technology, Graduate Institute of Optoelectronic Engineering, Professor and Director
2002.08 ~ 2005.07 National Yunlin University of Science and Technology, Department of Electronic Engineering, Professor and Chairman
2000.07 ~ 2007.07 National Yunlin University of Science and Technology, Department of Electronic Engineering, Professor
1992.08 ~ 2000.06 National Yunlin University of Science and Technology, Department of Electronic Engineering, Associate Professor

2013 中 國 電 機 工 程 學 會『傑 出 電 機 工 程 教 授 獎』
2013 Fellow of Institute of Engineering and Technology (FIET)
2012 國立台灣科技大學『優良研究及創作獎』傑出獎
2011 Certificate of Merit for The 2011 International Conference of Electrical and Electronics Engineering WCE論文優良獎
2011 榮獲2011 台灣科技大學「研究及創作獎」優良獎
2010 榮膺Nnaotechnology (SCI Journal) 之committee of the Editorial Board
2009 榮膺2009 Who’s Who in The World名人榜
2009 榮獲2009 台灣科技大學「研究及創作獎」優良獎
2006 榮膺 Outstanding Intellectuals of the 21st Century 名人榜
2006 榮膺 Who’s Who in The World名人榜
2006 榮膺 Who’s Who in Science & Engineering
2006 榮膺 (Vol. 9) Asia/Pacific Who’s Who 名人榜
2006 榮獲2006 雲林科技大學工程學院「研究績優獎」
2006 榮膺 IBC Hall of Fame 名人榜
2005 雲嘉地區影像顯示科技專題實作競賽暨研討會-佳作 2件
2004 The 3rd Asian CVD Conference Poster award (3 out of 130)
2002 教育部資深優良教師獎
2002 榮獲中華民國真空協會九十一年度「真空科技論文獎 - 佳作」。
2002 榮獲 台灣電子材料與元件協會「傑出論文獎」
2000 榮獲「中國材料年會表面技術半導體及封裝材料海報論文」
1998 13. 指導大專學生參與專題研究計畫,榮獲研究創作獎
1992 Member of Phi Beta Delta, Honor society for International schools.
1990 Member of Eta kappa Nu, Electrical Engineering Honor Society.

Research Achievement
  [11]   Ching-Lin Fan, Ming-Chi Shang, Shea-Jue Wang, Mao-yuan Hsia, Win-Der Lee, Bohr-Ran Hung, “Investigation Of Rapid Low-Power Microwave-Induction Heating Scheme On The Cross-linking Process Of The Poly(4-vinylphenol) For The Gate Insulator Of Pentacene-Based Thin-Film Transistors”
  [12]   Deepa Kathiravan, Bohr-Ran Huang, and Adhimoorthy Saravanan, “Multifunctional sustainable materials: the role of carbon existing protein in the enhanced gas and UV sensing performances of ZnO-based biofilms”
  [13]   Deepa Kathiravan, Bohr-Ran Huang, and Adhimoorthy Saravanan, “Self-Assembled Hierarchical Interfaces of ZnO Nanotubes/Graphene Heterostructures for Efficient Room Temperature Hydrogen Sensors”
  [14]   Adhimoorthy Saravanan, Bohr-Ran Huang, Divinah Manoharan, and I-Nan Lin, “High-Performance Electron Field Emitters and Microplasma Cathodes Based on Conductive Hybrid Granular Structured Diamond Materials”
  [15]   Deepa Kathiravan, Bohr-Ran Huang, Adhimoorthy Saravanan, Gerd Keiser, Chien-Jui Yeh, Keh-Chyang Leou and I-Nan Lin “Highly sensitive pH dependent acetone sensor based on ultrananocrystalline diamond materials at room temperature”
  [16]   Adhimoorthy Saravanan, Bohr-Ran Huang, Divinah Manoharan, Deepa Kathiravan and I.-Nan Lin, “Engineered design and fabrication of long lifetime multifunctional devices based on electrically conductive diamond ultrananowire multifinger integrated cathodes”
  [17]   Bohr-Ran Huang, Hui-Wen Chan, Shyankay Jou, Guan-Yu Chen, Hsiu-An Kuo, Wan-Jhen Song, “Structure and field emission of graphene layers on top of silicon nanowire arrays”
  [18]   Kamatchi Jothiramalingam Sankaran, Bohr-Ran Huang, Adhimoorthy Saravanan, Divinah Manoharan, Nyan-Hwa Tai, I-Nan Lin, “Heterogranular Structured Diamond-Gold Nanohybrids: A New Long Life Electronic Display Cathode”
  [19]   Min-Jyun Hong, Yong-Chen Lin, Liang-Chiun Chao, Pao-Hung Lin, Bohr-Ran Huang, “Cupric and cuprous oxide by reactive ion beam sputter deposition andthe photosensing properties of cupric oxidemetal–semiconductor–metal Schottky photodiodes”
  [20]   Ching-Lin Fan, Ming-Chi Shang, Bo-Jyun Li, Yu-Zuo Lin, Shea-Jue Wang, Win-Der Lee, and Bohr-Ran Huang, “Teflon/SiO2 Bilayer Passivation for Improving the Electrical Reliability of Oxide TFTs Fabricated Using a New Two-Photomask Self-Alignment Process”
  [21]   Bohr-Ran Huang, Jun-Cheng Lin, Tzu-Ching Lin, Yu-Jyun Chen, “Aggregated TiO2 nanotubes with high field emission properties”
  [22]   Adhimoorthy Saravanan, Bohr-Ran Huang, Kamatchi Jothiramalingam Sankaran, Srinivasu Kunuku, Chung-Li Dong, Keh-Chyang Leou, Nyan-Hwa Tai, and I-Nan Lin, “Bias-Enhanced Nucleation and Growth Processes for Ultrananocrystalline Diamond Films in Ar/CH4 Plasma and Their Enhance Plasma Illumination Properties”
  [23]   Bohr-Ran Huang, Ying-Kan Yang, Wen-Luh Yang, “Efficiency improvement of silicon nanostructure-based solar cells”
  [24]   Bohr-Ran Huang, Ying-Kan Yang, Hsien-Lung Cheng, “Rice-straw-like structure of silicon nanowire arrays for a hydrogen gas sensor”
  [25]   Bohr-Ran Huang, Ying-Kang Yang, Tzu-Ching Lin, Wen-Luh Yang, “A simple and low-cost technique for silicon nanowire arrays based solar cells”
  [26]   C. H. Hsiao, S. J. Chang, S. B. Wang, S. P. Chang, T. C. Li, W. J. Lin, C. H. Ko, T. M. Kuan and B. R. Huang, “ZnSe Nanowire Photodetector Prepared on Oxidized Silicon Substrate by Molecular-Beam Epitaxy”
  [27]   Shoou-Jinn Chang, Ting-Jen Hsueh, Cheng-Liang Hsu, Yan-Ru Lin, I-Cherng Chen, Bohr-Ran Huang, “A ZnO nanowire vacuum pressure sensor”
  [1]   Bohr-Ran Huang, Chien-Sheng Huang and S-K Jou, (reviewing chapter), "One-dimensional silicon and carbon nanostructures and their applications". Handbook of Nanoceramics and Their Based Nanodevices, American Scientific Publishers, Baker & Taylor Books. Oct, 15, 2008.
  [4]   Bohr-Ran Huang, “Electrical Properties and Physical Characteristic of Polycrystalline Diamond Films Deposited in A Microwave Plasma Disk Reactor. “, Ph.D Dissertation, Michigan State University, 1992.

Research Achievement
Title Total Amount Conduct From Conduct Until Client
Development of Diamond Coating System and Applications of Diamond Coatings 1,704,000 10611 10710 Ministry of Science and Technology
Investigation of Silicon-Based Hybrid Nanomaterial for Non-Enzyme Glucose Sensors 1,266,000 10608 10707 Ministry of Science and Technology
Improving Conversion Efficiency of Si-Based Solar Cells by Using a Micro/Nanoscale Hybrid Patterned Si Substrate 410,000 10506 10605 Ministry of Science and Technology
Silicon-Based Composite Nanostructures for Ph Sensors 1,038,000 10408 10507 Ministry of Science and Technology
The Development for Novel and Low-Cost Silicon Based Solar Cells 1,002,000 10308 10407 Ministry of Science and Technology
The Nanodiamond Composite Structure for Multi-Function Sensor Application 650,000 10306 10405 Ministry of Science and Technology
The development for mutifunctional sensing devices of nano carbon composite materials with low 760000 10111 10210 National Science Council
The development of a novel nano-composite plating technique for multifunctional optoelectronic 2809000 10008 10307 National Science Council
Fabrication of Arrayed Carbon nanotube Flexible Optoelectronic Devices using Metallic Glass Technologies 808000 9908 10007 National Science Council
The Synthesis of Large Area Silicon Nanowires and Devices Fabrication 2523000 9608 9907 National Science Council
The fabrication of nano-diamond field emitter display array and its application on gas sensors 2086000 9508 9707 National Science Council

Academic Year Thesis Title Student
102 The Development of Optoelectronic and Sensing Devices Based on ZnO Hybrid-Structures Jun-Cheng Lin
102 The Investigation of Silicon Nanostructures for Optoelectronic Devices Ying-Kan Yang
102 Properties of coupled surface plasmon polaritons in metal-dielectric-metal structures and their potential application in opto-electronic devices Chung-Chi Liao
100 The Development of Multifunctional Optoelectronic and Sensing Devices Based on CNTs/Ni Composite Structure Tzu-Ching Lin
98 The Field Emission Characteristics of Carbon-Based Materials Chun-Shin Yeh
95 Synthesis and application of the silicon nanowires Jung-Fu Hsu
Academic Year Thesis Title Student
105 Synthesize and Characterization of ZnO Nanotubes/ Cu-based Metallic Glass Thin Film hybrid Photodetectors You-Syuan Chen
105 Influence of AlN Layer Thickness on Passivation Effect for N-type Silicon Substrate Po-Ting Sung
105 Enhance light diffuse reflactance of silicon substrate using a micro/ nano-scale hybrid stucture Ching-Wen Chiu
105 Graphene-ZnO/ UNCD hybrid nanostructure for photodetectors Hung-Chih Lu
105 Three-dimension nickel hydroxide mesh with graphene for non-enzymatic glucose sensors Che-Wei Wu
105 Enhanced Photoresponse of UV Phototdetector Based on Ni/CNT-Doped ZnO Nanorods Ilmiatul Masfufiah
103 Bi-layer ZnO Nanotubes/Ultra-nanocrystalline Diamond Films for UV photodetectors Ruei-Hong Liou
103 The fabrication of pH sensor based on nanodiamond and silicon nanowires Yu-Kang Wang
103 Non-enzymatic glucose sensors based on nickel hydroxide, copper oxide on onductive diamond structures Hong-Hui Zhang
103 The field emission properties for graphene and nano-diamond on different silicon nanostructures Guan-Yu Chen
103 The Study of Silicon Nanostructures for field emission and solar cell devices Chao-Wei Tu
102 The gas sensing application of graded TiO2 nanotubes by multi-step anodization Jia-cheng Ma
102 The analysis for the pyramid and trapezoid structure of silicon-based solar cells Han-wun Syu
102 Bi-Layer Structures of Tungsten oxide/Graphene for Improving Performance of Electrochromic Device Bing-kuan Wu
102 Bi-layer structure of ZnO Nanorod/Nano Diamond Film for photodetector Yu-Hsiang Pong
101 Nano/Micro crystalline diamond on silicon-based templates for field emission studies Xuan-Bo Wong
101 The application of TiO2 nanotubes coated with graphene nanostructure Yu-Jyun Chen
101 Graphene stacks on silicon-based templates for field emission studies Hui-Wen Chan
101 Structures of Tungsten Oxide/Titanium Oxide for Multi-Functional Smart Window Applications Ying-Ming Liu
101 The analysis for the nanowire/pyramid structure of silicon-based solar cells Jeng-Han Jang
100 Emission Properties of Zinc Oxide/Zinc Tungstate Composite Nanorods Kuo-Ting Chu
100 Synthesis of Tungsten Oxide Thin Film and Nanowires For Highly Improved Electrochromic Smart Windows Tomy Abuzairi
100 The study for the pyramid structure of silicon based solar cells Chun-Hao Hsu
100 One-dimensional silicon nanostructure for hydrogen gas sensor Hsien-Lung Cheng
100 Photoelectrochemical properties of III-V Nitride Based Semiconductors grown by plasma-assisted molecular beam epitaxy system Yi-Jen Huang
100 On the fabrication and Characterization of flip-chip power light emitting diode with backside reflector Wen-Yu Kuo
100 The pH sensor based on carbon nanotube/indium oxide composite thin film Yuan-Pin Lo
99 The investigation of hydrogen ion sensor based on nanocrystalline diamond film Jian-Wei Ye
99 Synthesis and characterization of tungsten oxide thin film by Sol-Gel method and its optoelectronic properties Chia-Yi Lin
99 Fabrication of electrochromic tungsten oxide thin film by electrodeposition method assisted with zinc oxide nanwires Chang-An Tsao
98 Fabrication of oxide-capping GaN nanotips using iodine-assisted focused ion beam etching technique Bo-Cheng Lin
98 N4-marcocycle catalyst for DMFC application and its XAS analysis Wen-shian Lei
97 The study of arrayed nano-crystalline diamond devices Yao-Ming Wu
97 Synthesis and characteristic of the silicon-based nanostructure Chi-Yin Ho
97 The Synthesis and Characteristic Studies on Tungsten Oxide Nanowires Jun-Cheng Lin
97 A study on the properties of composite structure of ZnO nanowires and nanocrystalline diamond thin films Shu-An He
96 The study on the ionization gas sensor of the nanocrytalline diamond films Wei-Ru Chen
96 The study on the optoelectronic properties of silica nanowires Shin-Chih Hung
96 Growth and characterizations of noble metal nanoparticles embedded silica nanowire Sheng-Bo Wang
95 The Application of Silica Nanowires for Gas sensors Chih-Huang Li
95 Growth Nanodiamond on different metal layers of field of emission characteristic and its application Jen-Yuan Mao
95 The study on the effects of the blue light OLEDs and its packaging Huai-En Hsieh
95 Novel Technique for Transforming Nanowire Materials into Field Emission Metal Cathode Chih-Chia Chang
94 The effect of field emission on CNTs for N2 detection Meng-Hsien Tsai
94 The Synthesis of Nanodiamond Film and Its Applications Meng-Chang Wu
94 A New Negative Ion Generator Using ZnO Nanowire Array Chin-Han Chen
94 The study of characteristics of carbon nanotubes on Nanocomposites Optoelectronic Device Yueh-Feng Lu
Academic Year Project Title Student
98 利用直接加熱法成長β-SiC特性結構 謝耀德
97 SiO2奈米線合成與光電特性分析 張峻源
96 在鍍鉻之矽基板上成長奈米鑽石薄膜之特性研究 蔡振睿, 江彥威
96 Low cost device process of Dye Sensitized Solar Cells Yu-Lin Huang, Chen-Huan Yuan
96 Zinc Oxide nanostructure characterization of field emission on differential substrate 蔡坤喜, 黃靖旂
96 催化劑電漿前處理對奈米碳管氣體感測及場發射特性研究 賴冠廷, 李英彰
95 奈米鑽石成長於鈦基板上之場發射特性研究 蔡昇儒, 陳昆岐
95 氧化鋅奈米結構的成長及應用 陳奎廷, 謝一民
95 The growth of anodic aluminum oxide and its application 陳怡如, 廖漢忠
95 The effect on properities of the gas ionization sensor by different growth time of the silica nanowires 鍾瑋帝, 陳岳辰
95 無電鍍鎳熱氣相法生成奈米碳管轉印於導電基板上形成陣列型場發射元件之研究 黃柏豪, 陳俞孝
Year Deeds
2005 雲嘉地區影像顯示科技專題實作競賽暨研討會-佳作 2件
2004 The 3rd Asian CVD Conference Poster award (3 out of 130)
2002 榮獲中華民國真空協會九十一年度「真空科技論文獎 - 佳作」
2002 榮獲 台灣電子材料與元件協會「傑出論文獎」
2000 榮獲「中國材料年會表面技術半導體及封裝材料海報論文」
1998 指導大專學生參與專題研究計畫,榮獲研究創作獎