胡能忠 Neng-Chung Hu photo
Ph.D., Purdue University, U.S.A.

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Major Field full-spectrum illumination synthesizing by LED, lighting and its biological effect,color theory and applications,Signal Processing, Communication., Optics, Pattern Recognition
Course color engineering,Introduction to Statistical Pattern Recognition, Linear System, Advanced Digital Signal Processing, Complex Functions

2010 ~ 迄今 Director of Division 6, CIE-Taiwan
2008 ~ 迄今 中華色彩學會理事
1988 ~ 迄今 Associate professor, professor

Research Achievement
  [1]   Neng-Chung Hu and Chin-Chuan Wu,"Optimal Selection of Commercial Sensors for Linear model representation of Daylight Spectra",Applied Optics, Vol. 47, No. 17, pp. 3114-3123, 10 June 2008.(SCI)
  [2]   Neng-Chung, Chin-Chuan Wu, Shih-Feng Chen, and Horng-Ching Hsiao,"Implementing Dynamic Daylight Spectra by LEDs" accepted by Applied Optics. (SCI)
  [3]   N.C. Hu ,H. I. Chang and C.Y. Hunag, Feb. 2006, “Object center variation and estimation in noisy environment”, Optical Engineering, Vol. 45, art. No. 027201. project number:NSC-88-2218-E-001-006. (sci).
  [4]   C. Y. Hunag and N.C. Hu, Jun .2006, “Face recognition of real human and synthetic human”, Optical Engineering 45, art. No. 067001, project number:NSC-91-2219-E-001-005. (sci).

Research Achievement
Title Total Amount Conduct From Conduct Until Client
智慧型校園生活環境研擬與建置 6百萬元 9411 9510 國科會

Academic Year Thesis Title Student
97 Optimal selection of sensors and LEDs for daylight reconstruction Chin-chuan Wu
94 真假人臉辨識 '黃正宇
92 雜訊環境下以物件幾何量為基礎的辨識法 張鴻義
Academic Year Thesis Title Student
100 The Study of Near-Field and Mid-Field Optic Module of Multiple Chip LEDs Jia-Fu Chen
100 The study of Rebuild the Black-body Radiation by the Best CRI Method with Multi-chip LED Module Wei-zhen Wu
100 A Study of the Relationship between Multiple Chip LEDs by Using Reconstruction Coefficient and Driver Switching State Jun-neng Chen
99 Color Temperature Affect Physiologic Signals Ming-chu Chang
99 Using the Freeform Micro-lens Array to Construct the Optimum Optics Design of Multiple Chip LEDs Kuo-Yuan Tseng
99 Optimal Temperature Compensation for Multiple Chip LEDs Ju-chi Liang
99 The Study of Near-Field Module of Multiple Chip LED Chun-Chieh LEE
98 Using Physiologic Signals to Analyze the Effect of Artificial Lighting in Human Zun-yi Huang
98 對不同室內色彩環境之最佳視覺照明光 張延瑞
97 Optimal color mixing of multple LEDs for arrangement Hong-wai Chen
97 Feature Captured of Best Illuminated Light of Objects Chih-chien Chien
96 Experiment and simulation about LED array chen shih-feng
96 Discrimination Between Real and Synthetic Human Faces Syue-ling Fu
94 視覺於照明之應用 陳佳瓏
94 利用反射係數做真假人臉辨識 郭卜僑
94 游標尺式數位至時間轉換器 王均弘
94 利用PCA做LCD色彩通道特性預測 林世偉
94 利用色差做Logo辨認 潘亨霖
94 應用於光傳送器之鎖相迴路設計 莊恭彰
93 人造光源以線性基底方式重建 林慧琴
92 改變單一鏡組的非連續變焦系統 王金裕
92 利用配光曲線資料庫設計燈具 張天豪
92 以像差多項式為目標值來優化光學系統 陳和成
91 利用幾何量做人臉相關辨識 張天佑
Academic Year Project Title Student
95 人臉辨識 B030陳俊宇 B042管馳光
94 LED混光 A039許哲瑋 A057林俊宏 A071陳至峰
92 利用色彩做圖形識別 A081林志偉 A075鄭宇傑 A045倪運宣
91 車牌識別 A073周銘祈 A060宋桂緯 A056林政一A115李錫昌
91 車牌識別 A071周德豪 A069張竣發 A057裴崇佑A081鄭清文
90 人臉之辨認 A051陳建成
90 類神經物體辨識系統 A059吳政翰 A063張陳安 A066江建忠
89 Watermark A144詹舒雅 A145王薇怡 B032賴信志B045林宏樹 B046郭俊頡
89 圖文分離 B016林麗雲 B049陳信智 B050高鴻志
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