黃琴雅 CHIN-YA HUANG photo
Assistant Professor
Ph.D., University of Wisconsin Madison,USA

Office Hours
Telephone 02-2737-6393
Homepage https://sites.google.com/gapps.ntust.edu.tw/chin-ya-huang
Laboratory WIreless SystEm (WISE)
Major Field Wireless Communication Network, Network Security, SDN/NFV
Course Advanced Computer Networks, Adaptive Signal Processing, Data Communication, Linear System, Wireless Communication System and IoT Applications

2018.02 ~ 迄今 Assistant Professor at Dept. of Electronic and Computer Engineering, Nation Taiwan University Science and Technology, Taiwan
2015.08 ~ 2018.01 Assistant Professor at Dept. of Electrical Engineering, National Central Univesity, Taiwan
2013.10 ~ 2015.08 Member of Technical Staff at Optimum Semiconductor Tech. Inc., USA
2013.02 ~ 2013.09 Assistant Research Fellow at National Chiao-Tung University, Taiwan
2012.09 ~ 2012.11 Senior Engineer at Qualcomm Inc., San Diego, CA, USA
2012.03 ~ 2012.09 Engineer at Qualcomm Inc., San Diego, CA, USA
2011.05 ~ 2011.08 Summer Inter at Big Swith Networks, USA
2008.06 ~ 2008.08 Summer Inern at Sanbridge Tech. Inc, USA
2006.09 ~ 2012.03 Research Assistant at Dept. of Electrical and Computer Egnineering, Univ. of Wisoconsin Madison, USA

Research Achievement
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Research Achievement
Title Total Amount Conduct From Conduct Until Client
Hybrid Static-Dynamic Analysis and Testing for Firmware of IoT Endpoint Device (Co-PI) 4500000 11005 11104 科技部
Load Forecasting Program Transfer and Optimization 270000 11002 11012 工研院
Electricity Load Forecasting (Co-PI) 0 11002 11007 研揚科技股份有限公司
Next Generation Ultra-High-Speed Satellite Communication 300000 10901 10912 台灣大學系統
5G Testing Tools Design and Development 180000 10901 10912 詮隼科技股份有限公司
Immersive Content Delivery in Intelligent mmWave V2X 2671000 10808 11107 科技部
Multi-user based CBRS Domain Communication Technology 153000 10801 10806 工研院
5G物聯網協定切片技術研究 (Co-PI) 1100000 10801 10812 資策會
物聯網全時監控技術可行性驗證 (Co-PI) 800000 10711 1089 財政部
Malicious Small Cell Base Station Detection and Protection in Intelligent Transportation Systems 530000 10708 10807 科技部
CBRS: SAS-CBSD Communication Protocol Research and Development 553000 10707 10806 科技部
CBRS Domain Proxy Communication Technology 400000 10707 10712 工研院
5G 行動通訊協定與虛擬化技術研究 (Co-PI) 0 10701 10712 資策會
Industrial IoT Security and Network Integration Technology - Fault Tolerant Network System 1104439 10611 10803 教育部
Rogue Access Point Detection in Internet of Vehicle 868000 10610 10709 科技部
FPGA based High Speed and High Accuracy Motion Control System Design 150000 10609 10612 邑富有限公司
Multi-user based Visible Light Communication 250000 10608 10612 工研院
Adaptively Route TCP Flows in Wireless Backhaul formed Multi-hop Networks. 400000 10605 10612 工研院
跨領域資電工程教育融入CDIO架構與Capstone實作課程之發展、實施與成效評估-跨領域資電工程教育課程實施與應用 (跨領域工程教育人才培育與研究計畫) (Co-PI) 2654000 10512 10912 科技部

Academic Year Thesis Title Student
Academic Year Thesis Title Student
109 Hybrid Short-Term Forecasting Framework for Holiday Load Forecasting based on Dynamic Time Warping and LSTM Jeffrey Gunawan
109 Hourly Load Forecasting based on Data Preparation Strategy and LSTM Derni Ageng (與鄭瑞光教授共同指導)
109 Joint User Pairing and Power Allocation Scheme for Short­Packet Communication in a Downlink HARQ­IR­NOMA System Wei-Jie Wang
109 K-means Detection and Alleviation to DDoS Attack in Software-Defined In-Vehicle Networks Teng-Chia Huang
109 Software Defined Fast Failure Recovery (SD-FFR) Mechanism Ting-Cian Bai
109 Improving the Network Performance of AR/VR Application in Millimeter-wave Cellular Networks through Dual-connectivity and Network Coding Hong-Zhi Huang
108 改善毫米波擷取網路中即時應用服務品質之雙連線傳輸方法 林恒玄
108 CBRS系統的代理人之基於傳輸連續性的動態通道分配演算法 劉思妤
108 CBRS環境中基於代理人的競爭式頻寬定價策略 康晉瑋
108 Base Station based Inconsistent Genetic Power Allocation Algorithm for mmWave and CBRS Cooperative Relay Network Kuan-Cheng Lin
Academic Year Project Title Student
111 SDN網際網路應用 呂長恩、林嘉鼎、簡丞志
110 A SDN-based WiFi-VLC 梁詮濬、周聖平
109 基於安全功能的自走車之網路傳輸應用 王裕盛、林芮佑
108 互聯網應用與實現 陳芃威、謝孟樺、余國維
107 APU的邊緣運算與安全開發 鄭和軒、周俊廷
Year Deeds
2021 張瀚升錄取聯發科技全職預聘
2021 張瀚升錄取聯發科技暑期實習
2021 郭訓佑錄取中研院、工研院暑期實習
2021 謝孟樺錄取仁寶科技暑期實習
2021 Jeffrey Gunawan 錄取 Neurelli (耐銳利科技股份有限公司)全職工程師
2021 王韋傑錄取聯發科技、瑞昱半導體全職工程師
2021 林冠成錄取聯發科技全職工程師
2021 康晉瑋錄取MOXA全職工程師
2020 林冠成獲中華電信研究院暑期實習(07/2020~08/2020)、仁寶電腦實習(09/2020~12/2020)
2020 白廷謙、王韋傑、黃泓智 獲經濟部工業局5G Jump暑期實習
2020 謝孟樺獲109學年度電子系研究生獎學金
2020 劉思妤、林恒玄錄取仁寶電腦全職工程師
2020 林恒玄錄取聯發科技全職工程師
2020 林冠成錄取Eurecom實習
2019 Jeffrey Gunawan 獲 研揚獎學金
2019 林恒玄、康晉瑋、楊政勳、林秉鉎錄取Eurecom實習
2018 林冠成、楊政勳獲107學年度電子系研究生獎學金
2018 林冠成、林秉鉎獲ICNCC論文報告優良獎