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Ph.D.degree in Electrical Engineering, Purdue University, U.S.A.
EE 408-1

Office Hours 週四13:00-14:30週五 13:00-15:30
Telephone 886-2-27376420
Homepage http://homepage.ntust.edu.tw/YTCHEN/
Major Field Perception subsystems in self-driving cars, Deep neural networks, Machine learning, Computer vision
Course Inelligent Survelliance Systems, Multimedia Information Systems, Database Systems Inernet and Applications, Network System Design

2018.08 ~ 迄今 Professor

Research Achievement
  [1]   Erick Hendra Putra Alwando, Yie-Tarng Chen, Wen-Hsien Fang, "Spatial-Temporal Action Localization with Hierarchical Self-Attention," in IEEE Transactions on Multimedia, doi: 10.1109/TMM.2021.3056892.(accepted)
  [2]   Erick Hendra Putra Alwando, Yie-Tarng Chen, Wen-Hsien Fang: CNN-Based Multiple Path Search for Action Tube Detection in Videos. IEEE Trans. Circuits Syst. Video Technol. 30(1): 104-116 (2020)
  [3]   Didik Purwanto, Yie-Tarng Chen, Wen-Hsien Fang: First-Person Action Recognition With Temporal Pooling and Hilbert-Huang Transform. IEEE Trans. Multim. 21(12): 3122-3135 (2019
  [4]   Didik Purwanto, Rizard Renanda Adhi Pramono, Yie-Tarng Chen, Wen-Hsien Fang:Three-Stream Network With Bidirectional Self-Attention for Action Recognition in Extreme Low Resolution Videos. IEEE Signal Process. Lett. 26(8): 1187-1191 (2019
  [5]   Kai-Wen Cheng, Yie-Tarng Chen, Wen-Hsien Fang: Improved Object Detection With Iterative Localization Refinement in Convolutional Neural Networks. IEEE Trans. Circuits Syst. Video Technol. 28(9): 2261-2275 (2018)
  [6]   Kai-Wen Cheng, Yie-Tarng Chen, Wen-Hsien Fang: An efficient subsequence search for video anomaly detection and localization. Multim. Tools Appl. 75(22): 15101-15122 (2016)
  [7]   Kai-Wen Cheng, Yie-Tarng Chen, Wen-Hsien Fang: Gaussian Process Regression-Based Video Anomaly Detection and Localization With Hierarchical Feature Representation. IEEE Trans. Image Process. 24(12): 5288-5301 (2015
  [1]   Rizard Renanda Adhi Pramono, Yie-Tarng Chen, Wen-Hsien Fang: Empowering Relational Network by Self-attention Augmented Conditional Random Fields for Group Activity Recognition. ECCV (oral) (1) 2020: 71-90
  [2]   Rizard Renanda Adhi Pramono, Yie-Tarng Chen, Wen-Hsien Fang: Hierarchical Self-Attention Network for Action Localization in Videos. ICCV 2019: 61-70
  [3]   Didik Purwanto, Rizard Renanda Adhi Pramono, Yie-Tarng Chen, Wen-Hsien Fang: Extreme Low Resolution Action Recognition with Spatial-Temporal Multi-Head Self-Attention and Knowledge Distillation. ICCV Workshops 2019: 961-96
  [4]   Helong Zhou, Yie-Tarng Chen, Jie Zhang, Wen-Hsien Fang: Efficient Weighted Kernel Sharing Convolutional Neural Networks. VCIP 2018: 1-4
  [5]   Erick Hendra Putra Alwando, Yie-Tarng Chen, Wen-Hsien Fang: Multiple path search for action tube detection in videos. ICIP 2017: 4232-4236
  [6]   Didik Purwanto, Yie-Tarng Chen, Wen-Hsien Fang: Temporal aggregation for first-person action recognition using Hilbert-Huang transform. ICME 2017: 895-900
  [7]   Kai-Wen Cheng, Yie-Tarng Chen, Wen-Hsien Fang: Iterative localization refinement in convolutional neural networks for improved object detection. ICIP 2016: 3643-3647
  [8]   Kai-Wen Cheng, Yie-Tarng Chen, Wen-Hsien Fang: Video anomaly detection and localization using hierarchical feature representation and Gaussian process regression. CVPR 2015: 2909-291
  [9]   Yie-Tarng Chen, Wen-Hsien Fang, Chih-Yuan Lee, Kai-Wen Cheng: Abnormal detection in crowded scenes via kernel based direct density ratio estimation. ChinaSIP 2015: 230-234
  [10]   Kai-Wen Cheng, Yie-Tarng Chen, Wen-Hsien Fang: Abnormal crowd behavior detection and localization using maximum sub-sequence search. ARTEMIS@ACM Multimedia 2013: 49-58
  [11]   Yie-Tarng Chen, You-Rong Lin, Wen-Hsien Fang: A Novel Shadow-Assistant Human Fall Detection Scheme Using a Cascade of SVM Classifiers. SSPR/SPR 2012: 710-718
  [12]   Yie-Tarng Chen, Yu-Ching Lin, Wen-Hsien Fang: A hybrid human fall detection scheme. ICIP 2010: 3485-3488

Research Achievement
Title Total Amount Conduct From Conduct Until Client
Perception systems in Self driving cars 不公開 1066 進行中進行中 工研院資通所
國際性競賽台灣代表隊培育平台計畫 2500,000 9812 9911 教育部
台灣微軟公司-國際性競賽台灣代表隊培育平台計畫 140,000 9812 9911 台灣微軟公司
分散式感測網路上前置密匙之研究(94-2213-E-011-059-) 542,000 9408 9510 國科會
平行封包分類演算法中法則切割之探討(93-2213-E-011-073- ) 522,100 9308 9407 國科會
位元重組與層級壓縮在封包分類策略之研究(91-2213-E-011-035- ) 461,200 9108 9207 國科會
高速簽章式封包分類之研究(90-2213-E-011-076- ) 509,700 9008 9107 國科會

Academic Year Thesis Title Student
90 Request Scheduling in Advace Reservation with Uncertainity Kai-Hui Lee
Academic Year Thesis Title Student
100 A Robust Fall Detection Scheme Using Human Shadow and SVM Classifiers You-Rong Lin
99 A Robust Regression Approach for Sensor Network Data Cleansing You-chiuan Tsai
98 Silhouette Analysis for Human Behavior Recognition Lung-Hsing Chiang
97 Trajectory Matching of Video Moving Objects in Compressed Video Tzu-hui Lee
97 Joint Channel Assignment and Scheduling Using Hybrid Evolutionary Algorithm in Multi-radio, Multi-channel Wireless Mesh Networks Tsu-min Lee
96 In-network Data Cleaning for Wireless Sensor Networks YI-FAN HSUEH
95 Network-Wide Fault Diagnosis in Wireless Mesh Networks Chia-wei Huang
95 Outlier Detection for Spatial Correlated Data Chia-ming Chang
95 The Study of a Congestion-Based DDoS Attack Detection in Wireless Mesh Networks Yi-Hsueh Liu
95 The Study of a Spatial TDMA Scheduling in Wireless Mesh Networks Chu-yu Lee
95 The Study of Routing and Channel Assignment in Multi-radio Multi-channel Wireless Mesh Networks Ming-wen Chou
95 The Study of a Two-Stage Backoff Scheme for IEEE 802.11e Media Access Control Protocol Lin-Chung Chih
94 P2P Flow Identification Feng-Ku Chou
94 An Energy-Efficient Key Management Protocol for Hierarchical Wireless Sensor Networks Wei-yang Sun
94 The Study of Elephant Flow Measurement on Backbone Networks Huai-Ting Huang
94 Design and Analysis of Multicast Key Management for Near-Video-on-Demand Services Sheng-Chih Wang
93 Services Differentiation and Throughput Enhancement for Live Video and Audio over IEEE 802.11e WLANs Lu-bing Hii
92 The Study of a Partition-based Parallel Packet Classification Algorithm CHIH-HUA LIN
92 The Design and Implementation of a Configurable Packet Classification Co-processor Based on Quadtree Scheme Yan-Po Chao
92 Adaptive Polling MAC Schemes for IEEE 802.11e Based on Kalman Filtering Ming-feng Li
92 An Effective Hybrid Packet Classification ALgorithm for Network Processors Yu-hsiang Huang
92 A resilient Key Pre-distribution Scheme for Distributed Sensor Networks Kai-Wen Shao
92 The Design and Implementation of a Packet Classification Co-processor Based on Bit Selection Scheme shih-hsuan Li
90 Packet Classification Engine in Network Processors Hsin-hsien Li
90 The Intrusion Detection System for Peer-to-Peer Computing Environments Hung-yi Liao
90 Routing Cache with Supporting IP Traceback Yu-yaun Li
90 An Effective Algorithm for Mining Frquency Patterns in Large Databases Chia-jung Hu
90 Fast Tuple Search Algorithm for Two-Dimensional Conflict-Free Filters Shih-Hao Lee
89 The Design and Implementation of Plocy0based Networks in Linux Kernel Wei-liang Chen
89 Effective Signature-based Packet Classification with Bit Selection Jen-i Huang
89 Effective Packet Classification for 2-D Conflict-free Filters Chih-lung Lin
89 Hierarchical Intelligent Cuttings with Bit Selection Chun-chieh Huang
89 Effective Routing Table Lookup with Bit Selection Scheme Chin-Yu Wang
88 The Design and Implementation of Multi-filed Packet Classification in the Linux Kernel Ya-Hsin Yang
88 The Design of Multi-filed Classification using CPU Caching Yung-sheng Ku
87 The Implementation of Real-Time Subnet Bandwidth Management in the Linux Kernel Paul Fang
87 The Design and Implementation of Timestamp Round-Robin Scheduling in the Linux Kernel Jun-Rong Chen
87 The Design of Scalable Traffic Control Architecture for RSVP Chia-te Chen
87 The Desing of RSVP Billing System: Cost Allocation Model and QoS Routing Jih-hsing Huang
86 Subnet Bandwidth Management on Real-time Ethernet Shun-Fa Yu
86 The Study of Adaptive Feedback Technques for Synchornized Multimedia Retrieval Yan-po Tai
85 The Study of Video Distribution and Load Balancing for VOD Services Ming-Yil Lin
85 The Design and Implementation of Real-Time Interactive Collaboration Environment Yong-Shinn Chi
85 Virtual Path Layout in ATM Network Liang-Cheng Mai
85 Multicast Message Delivery in Mobile Computing Environments Chiu-Liang Chen
84 The Design of Copier Memory System on VOD services Jui-Che Tu
84 The Study of Connection Management in VOD Services Zhe-Chuan Huang
83 The Study of Admission Control on Real-time VOD Service System Jenn-Wei Hwang
Academic Year Project Title Student
91 無線網路應用系統開發 黃有德、唐士軒、沈子雷
89 網際網路資料庫建構 張志文、古文俊
89 電子商務系統發展與建構 何庭顯、楊勝欽
88 電子商務系統建構 傅一奇、吳哲鑫
88 電子商務系統架構 林聖凱、陳承亮、戴思齊
88 網際網路資料庫 李名栓、葉宗鑫
87 線上訂位系統 黃星文、林宏洋、陳吉雄
87 網際網路資料庫設計與建構 李鴻熙、黃耀星
87 企業網路資料庫系統與建構 施逸民、許進順
86 企業網路資料庫系統建構 石奇旺、范振邦、詹濟榮
86 企業網路資料庫系統建構 張宏銘、粘鴻達
86 主從式資料庫系統建構 尤信鑌、葉振忠
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