Shih-Hsiang Hsu Professor
University of Maryland, Baltimore 
EE 813-4
Office hour
2:00 PM - 4:00 PM on Friday or Through E-mail Appointments
Silicon Photonics & Sensing (SPS)
Major Field
(1) Silicon Photonics [Optoelectronics Integrated Circuit, Fiber Optic Communication, LiDAR (Light Detection and Ranging), Fiber Sensor, Microwave Photonics]; (2) Biomedical Sensor [Biosensor, OCT (Optical Coherence Tomography)]; (3) Semiconductor Processing
Sensing Technology and Application in Photonics and Optics, Photonics Engineering, Photonics Applications and Practice, Electromagnetics in Optoelectronics, Optoelectronic Integrated Circuits, Optoelectronics Devices, Optoelectronics Applications, El

Now Professor of the Department of Electronic Engineering in NTUST
2016/7 Associate Professor of the Department of Electronic Engineering in NTUST
2010/7 Assistant Professor of the Department of Electronic Engineering in NTUST
2006/7 Senior Optoelectronic Engineer (Sabeus Incorporated in California, U.S.A.)
2005/10 Director for SOI Technology (APIC Corporation in California, U.S.A.)
2002/7 Senior Design Engineer (Kotura Incorporated in California, U.S.A.)
2000/7 Research and Development Scientist (Corning Incorporated in New York, U.S.A.)
Honor & Awards
Outstanding NTUST Guidance Counselor Award
Outstanding NTUST Teaching Award


Research Achievement
[1] S. H. Hsu, K.-W. Chuang, C.-S. Chen, C.-Y. Lin, and C.-C. Chang, "Two interrogated FBG spectral linewidth for strain sensing through correlation," Accepted to appear in Sensors, 2017.
[2] S. H. Hsu, C.-Y. Lin, C.-T. Tuan, and C.-C. Chang, “MicroRNA biosensing through spectral interferometry-based surface plasmon resonance using telecommunication wavelength,” Electronics Letters, 52(13), pp. 1096-1098, 2016. [SCI]
[3] S. H. Hsu, J.-H. Lin, D.-Z. Tsai, H.-S. Tsai, Z.-H. Jian, and H.-F. Liu, “MicroRNA biosensing using telecommunication wavelength-interrogated waveguide-coupled surface plasmon resonance,” IEEE Sensors Journal, 16(9), p. 2890-2891, 2016. [SCI]
[4] S. H. Hsu, S.-C. Hung, Y.-K. Chen and Z.-H. Jian, "Surface plasmon resonator using high sensitive resonance telecommunication wavelengths for DNA sensors of Mycobacterium tuberculosis with thiol-modified probes," Sensors, 15, pp. 331-340, 2015. [SCI]
[5] S. H. Hsu, Y.-Y. Lin, S.-H. Lu, I-F. Tsai, Y.-T. Lu, H.-T. Ho,"Mycobacterium tuberculosis DNA detection using surface plasmon resonance modulated by telecommunication wavelength," Sensors, 14, pp. 458-467, 2014. [SCI]
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Title Total Amount Excution Duration Client
Triplexer on Silicon-on-insulator Platform and DQPSK Delay Interferometer Receiver Technologies for FTTH Applications 690,000 99 - 100 NSC
Silicon Photonics from Commercial Applications in Low Birefringence to Highly Integrated Circuits in a Small Footprint 2,284,000 97 - 99 NSC
The Study for Highly Integrated Silicon Photonics on a Single Silicon-on-insulator Platform 716,000 96 - 97 NSC
Siliconizing Photonics for Optical Routing and Interconnection of Optical Communications 743,000 96 - 96 NSC
Mycobacterium Tuberculosis DNA Detection using Surface Plasmon Resonance Modulated by High-precision Telecommunication Wavelength 600,000 103 - 103 MMH/NTUST
Surface-Plasmon Interferometer Biophotonic Sensing using Silicon Wire Waveguide 570,000 102 - 102 MMH/NTUST
High-Throughput Module Processing Technology Development on Flexible Board 500,000 101 - 101 Compeq Manufacturing CO., LTD
High Sensitive Silicon-wire Biophotonics Sensing using Cascaded Interferometry and Resonator Linewidth 500,000 101 - 102 TMU/NTUST
Silicon-wire-waveguide Biochip and Its Sensitive Phase Characteristics for Biomedical Sensing Technology 500,000 100 - 100 TMU/NTUST
Performance Monitoring for Chromatic Dispersion and Optical Power on a Single Silicon-on-insulator Platform 2,698,000 100 - 103 NSC

Interferometric Biosensor by Optical Ring Resonator
Yu-Hou Su
Microwave Phase Study by SOI Optical Ring Resonator
Chun-Ting Yang
The Design and Implementation of Si-based and Si-Ge based Light Emitting, Signal Driving, and Light Receiving Integrated Circuits
Po-an Chen
The Design and Implementation of Si-based CMOS Light-Emitting and Light-Detection Integrated Circuits
Yu-an Chen
Sensitivity Study for Interferometric Chromatic Dispersion Monitoring
Yen-po Chen
Mach–Zehnder Directional Coupler Study
Yu-wei CHANG
The Design of Directly Modulated Dual-Wavelength Fiber Ring Laser and its Application to Injection Locked FP-LD
Kuo-sheng Shih
Fiber Strain Sensor Study and Research
Rong-chen Hsu
A Study on the Burn-in Test of VCSEL and FP Laser Diodes
Yu-chuan Hung
A Study on the Applications of Electroabsorption Modulator to Optoelectronic and Electrooptic Transformations
Teng-Hui Chiu
study of Low-cost Automatic Injection-Locked control System for Fébry-Perot Laser Diode
Chao-lei Lin
The Design and Implementation of Optical Communication and Optical Interconnection Integrated Circuits
Po-hung Lin
Silicon Wire Study on Chromatic Dispersion and Group Birefringence
Mach-Zehnder Interferometer for Biosensor
The Optical DPSK Demodulator Study
Microring Resonator for Biosensor
SubMicron Optical Modulator Study on Silicon Wire Waveguide
Silicon Wire Interface Study
Fabrication and Measurement on Low Loss Silicon Wire Waveguide
Birefringence and Dispersion of Silicon-on-insulator Waveguide using Optical Low-coherence Interferometry
Silicon Wire Waveguide Study on Design and Process
Optical Power Splitter by Multimode Interference and Directional Coupler on a Single SOI Platform
Optical Low Coherence Interferometry Study and Application
The CMOS Compatible Process Development for Silicon Photonics Component Technology
Fermi Huang
Student's Project
Variable Optical Attenuator on Silicon Waveguide's Applications
Kai-Yuan Syue & Chern-Haur Yu
Design and Characterization for Silicon Waveguide
G. Wu & Shu-Cheng Mai
Silicon Photonics Study
Yen-Hsiang Huang & Jun-Liang Chen
Student's Honor
指導黃浚銘(Chun-Min Huang)之碩士論文獲得德國LAP 出版社 (http://www.lap-publishing.com/)在學術研究論文領域的發表; ISBN 978-3-8383-0512- 7
Poster Paper Award from Optics & Photonics Taiwan 2007