Wei-Mei Chen Professor
Ph.D. in Computer Science and Information Engineering, National Taiwan University 
IB 702-4
Office hour
週ㄧ 15:30--16:30/週三 14:30--15:30
Major Field
Performance Optimization for Multi-Core Systems, Dynamic Memory Management, Parallel Computing, GPU Computing, Cloud Computing
Data Structures, Discrete Mathematics, Algorithms, Advanced Algorithms, Cloud Computing, Parallel Processing

迄今 Professor, Department of Electronic and Computer Engineering, NTUST
2012.01 Associate Professor, Department of Electronic and Computer Engineering, NTUST
2005.07 Associate Professor, Department of Applied Mathematics, Tatung University
Honor & Awards


Research Achievement
[1] Yi-Wen Peng and Wei-Mei Chen, Parallel k-dominant skyline queries in high-dimensional datasets, Information Science, accepted.
[2] Hsien-Kuei Hwang, Alois Panholzer, Nicolas Rolin, Tsung-Hsi Tsai, and Wei-Mei Chen, Probabilistic analysis of the (1+1)-evolutionary algorithm, Evolutionary Computation, 26:2 (2018), 299-345.
[3] Yi-Wen Peng, Tien-Hsing Hsu, and Wei-Mei Chen, Skip compactors for garbage collection based on space utilization, Journal of the Chinese Institute of Engineers, 41:4 (2018), 317-326.
[4] Han-Pang Jiang and Wei-Mei Chen, Self-adaptive resource allocation for energy-aware virtual machine placement in dynamic computing cloud, Journal of Network and Computer Applications, 120:15 (2018), 119-129.
[5] Han-Pang Jiang, David Chuck, and Wei-Mei Chen, Energy-aware data center networks, Journal of Network and Computer Applications, 68:6 (2016), 80-89.
[6] Chi-Hsiang Cheng and Wei-Mei Chen, Application mapping onto mesh-based network-on-chip using constructive heuristic algorithms, The Journal of Supercomputing, 72:11 (2016), 4365-4378.
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Title Total Amount Excution Duration Client
Analysis and applications of multidimensional maxima 571,000 99 - 100 NSC
A study of the thread-to-core assignment in multithreaded Java applications 557,000 97 - 98 NSC
Probabilistic analysis of mobility models for ad hoc networks 571,000 96 - 97 NSC
Analysis and applications of multiobjective evolutionary algorithms (II) 394,000 95 - 96 NSC
Analysis and applications of multiobjective evolutionary algorithms 357,000 94 - 95 NSC
Probabilistic analysis of leader election algorithms (2/2) 516,800 93 - 94 NSC
Probabilistic analysis of leader election algorithms(1/2) 432,100 92 - 93 NSC
Analysis of suffix trees and related problems 442,900 91 - 92 NSC
Probabilistic analysis of sorting algorithms on a broadcast communication model 247,300 90 - 91 NSC
Probabilistic analysis of divide-and-conquer algorithms 239,500 89 - 90 NSC
Accelerating clique-finding algorithms on GPUs 1,667,000 107 - 109 MOST
A Study of Selection for Representative Skyline Points 483,000 106 - 107 科技部
A Study of Algorithms for CPU-GPU Heterogeneous Computing 614,000 105 - 106 科技部
A Study of Data Centre Networks 664,000 104 - 105 科技部
Analysis and applications of evolutionary algorithms 747,000 103 - 104 MOST
The dominance problem and its related applications 1,399,000 101 - 103 NSC
A study of skyline computation and its variants 559,000 100 - 101 NSC

Parallel Algorithm Design for CPU-GPU Heterogeneous Architectures
Yi-Wen Peng
Energy-Efficient Resource Management in Data Centers for Cloud Computing
Han-Peng Jiang
The Study of Localization Based on Mobile Beacon for Wireless Sensor Networks
Yao-Hung Wu
The Study of Resource Allocation Policy to Guarantee QoS in Wireless Multimedia Networks
Feng-Ming Yang
Che-Ling Huang
A Study of Test Schedule Optimization for Multicore SoCs
Wei-Che Cheng
Genetic Algorithm for Pipeline Sharing in Multi-core Computing Environments
Kuan-Lin Chen
A Study of Trajectory Compression Algorithms for Moving Objects
Yao-Cheng Wu
A Study of Relationship of News Headline and Stock Market by Deep Learning
Chia-Ching Lin
Deep Learning Implementation on AI Sentiment Analysis
Ying-Chih Chen
A Study on the Problem of Maximal Clique Enumeration on GPU
Tsung-Han Wu
Data Dissemination in Wireless Sensor Networks
Wei-Kang Liang
A Study of Multi-Pivot Quicksort on CPU-GPU Architectures
Hui-Wen Chang
A Study of Test Schedule Optimization for Multicore SoCs
Gwo-Tzong Leu
Density-Based clustering algorithm for GPGPU computing
Kai-Shiang Chang
SLA-based Consolidation of Virtual Machines Management in Cloud Datacenters
Cheng-Ming Kuo
A Study of Mark-Compact Garbage Collection
Tien-Using Hsu
A Study on Application Mapping for Mesh-Based Network-on-Chip Design
Chi-Hsiang Cheng
Packet Controller for Video Streaming over IEEE 802.11e
Kuan-Yu Chen
A Study on Pipeline Sharing for Multi-core Computing Environments
Ren-Hao Zhan
RSSI-based Localization for Wireless Sensor Networks with Grid Topology
Chen-Yu Ho
A Study on Skyline Queries for GPGPU Computing
Meng-Zong Liou
Particle Swarm Optimization for Workflow Scheduling in Cloud Computing Environments
Hui-Chun Chung
Genetic Algorithm for the Maximum Clique Problem
Sheng-Hua Tsou
Task Scheduling in Grid Computing Environments
Yi-Syuan Jiang
Task Grouping for Dynamic Thermal-Aware Management in Multi-Core Processors
Chia-Shan Ying
Dynamic Consolidation of Virtual Machines in Cloud Datacenters
Ming-Lung Weng
A Study on Parallel Skyline Query
Yi-Teng Shu
Dynamic Power Scheduling for VM-based Multi-core Systems
Jhe-Ming Liang
Task Grouping for Efficient Power Management in Multi-core Processors
(Mu-Kai Huang
A Study of Localization Using a Mobile Beacon for Wireless Sensor Networks
Chin-Wei Fan
Dynamic Power Management for Periodic Tasks on Reliable Multi-Core Systems
Hsi-Yin Hung
Reliable Routing in AODV-Based Mobile Ad Hoc Networks
Tsung-Ying Wu
Power Management for Real-Time tasks in Multiprocessor Systems
Jun-Yuan Zhang
The Policy of File Locating in Unstructured P2P Networks
Kuang-Chu Liu
Design of Ring-Based Mechanism for Route Selection in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks
Pei-Yuan Wu
Scheduling for ordered query services in multi-channel data broadcast systems
Yu-Hsien Lin
Suboptimality for clock routing in X-architecture
Yu-Ting Hsieh
A Study on Skyline Computation in Database Systems
Kuei-Chang Lee
A Study of Reference Counting Garbage Collectors
Ho-Yuan Cheng
A Study on Genetic Algorithm for Multiobjective Optimization Problem
Wei-Ting Lee
A Study on Initialization Protocols for Single-Hop Wireless Networks
Chih-Kai Chang
Student's Project
Student's Honor