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Associate Professor
Ph.D., Northwestern University, U.S.A.
EE 413

Office Hours Thursday 9:30-11:30, Friday 8:30-10:00
Telephone 886-2-27376414
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Laboratory 訊號處理及通訊實驗室
Major Field Digital Image Processing, Digital Communication Techniques and Systems, Applications of Wavelets
Course Engineering Mathematics (II), Coding Theory, Digital Transmission, Probability and Statistics, Linear Systems, DCircuit Theory (I)

1991.08 ~ 迄今 Associate Professor, Dept. of Electronic Eng., National Taiwan Univ. of Science and Technology

2004 2004浮水印技術評比一般彩色影像組第二名(主辦單位:國家科學委員會數位典藏國家型科技計劃)

Research Achievement
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  [2]   M. C. Cheng and K. T. Lay, “An Embedding Scheme for Binary and Grayscale Watermarks by Spectrum Spreading and Its Performance Analysis,” IEICE Transactions on Fundamentals of Electronics, Communications and Computer Sciences, Vol. E90-A, No. 3, pp. 670-681, March 2007.
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Research Achievement
Title Total Amount Conduct From Conduct Until Client
無線通道中以動態資料傳輸組態所作之多媒體訊號傳輸 567,000 9608 9707 國科會
無線蜂巢式網路中行動台之定位與追蹤 534,000 9508 9607 國科會
在轉換域利用展頻及攻擊特性記述並與人類聽覺系統匹配的強健性語音浮水印 509,000 9408 9507 國科會
以具有軟判定能力之錯誤更正碼作灰階浮水印之蘊含可信程度的嵌入與擷取 550,800 9308 9407 國科會
基於格架圖對加有浮水印影像之訊源通道編碼 562,800 9208 9307 國科會
小波編碼影像中之強健且安全的浮水印嵌入法 348,900 9108 9207 國科會
以小波封包作合併式訊源通道影像編碼 196,500 9008 9107 國科會
基於小波數位通訊之同步 385,800 8708 8807 國科會
基於小波與碎形之數位通訊的新技術 440,900 8608 8707 國科會
基於小波分解之多解析度影像分析 307,000 8508 8607 國科會
小波封包在影像編碼之應用 299,000 8408 8507 國科會
碎形模式化之像壓縮 288,000 8408 8507 國科會
以小波轉換作影像處理 87,000 8408 8507 國科會
以小波轉換作影像處理 172,000 8308 8407 國科會

Academic Year Thesis Title Student
92 Maximization of Data Rates in AWGN and Fading Multichannel Communications 洪志宗
92 Finite Field Wavelet Spread Signature CDMA System 陳建宏
Academic Year Thesis Title Student
96 Combination of Turbo Trellis Coded Modulation and Turbo Equalization for Wireless Communication 彭俊豪
96 Effects of equalization and resource allocation in coded OFDM systems over frequency selective fading channels 白忠民
96 Low - Density Parity – Check Codes Incorporated with Unequal Error Protection for Image Transmission 潘聖元
96 Brow – based Eye Tracking and Blinking Detection in Video Sequence 杜兆乘
95 Diversified turbo equalization for mitigating multi – path effect in wireless communications 陳信宏
95 Digital Watermarking Using Spectrum Spreading for Uniformly / Nonuniformly Quantized Images 林莉璇
95 Eyes Detection Based on Monochrome Stereo Vision 賴梓雍
95 Dynamic Channel Coding Using Unequal Error Protection for Image Transmission 熊金龍
94 Adaptive Channel Coding and Diversity for Image Transmission in Wireless Environment 林器勇
94 Graft Detection in Facial Images with Digital Watermarking According to Eye Location 陳尚航
94 Identification and Reduction of NLOS Errors in Mobile Positioning 涂凱評
93 Color Image Coding Using Differential Trellis – Coded Vector Quantization 許紹偉
93 Improvement of Quantization Performance in Communication based on Trellis Coded Schemes 黃俊隆
93 Soft Dequantization aided by Error Control Coding in Various Communication Scenarios 盧逢春
93 Digital Watermarking Using Orthogonal Code Spreading in DWT Domain 黃量加
92 Non – Directed Indoor Infrared Communication Using Pulse – Position Modulation and Concatenated Codes 劉子揚
92 Power Allocation for Multitone Modulation Systems in Wireless Channels 林岱寰
92 Image Coding Using Adaptive Delta Trellis – Coded Quantization 譚皓中
92 Secure Spread Spectrum Watermarking based on Trellis Coding 孫正忠
91 Robust embedded watermarking with low image impairment based on wavelet transform 鍾岳峰
91 Pre – Rake Transmit Diversity with Adaptive Interference Canceller for CDMA Systems 黃志友
91 Joint Source – Channel Coding of Images and SAP Noise Removal 張忠粮
91 Multitone Modulation Systems with Interference Canceller or Adaptive Number of Tones in Wireless Channels 范育維
90 Eigendecomposition – Derived Interference Elimination for Wavelet – Based Multicarrier Modulation Systems in Wireless Communications 張孟俊
89 Combined Source – Channel Coding of Images Using the wavelet Transform 陳怡賢
88 Symbol Synchronization in Wavelet – based Digital Communications 鄭明江
88 Effects of Synchronization Error on Wavelet Packet Division Multiple Access in Two – Ray Channels 郭永輝
87 Color image registration , fusion and restoration with the aid of 湯凱安
87 Multicarrier Modulation System Using Wavelet Packet Bases 梁子凌
86 Fractal dimension and compression of images 洪榮賜
85 Color image compression based on vector quantization and various transforms 洪志宗
85 Image Sequence Compression with the Aid of High Order Motion vector Prediction 朱國權
85 Image Restoration Based on Wavelet Decomposition 郭樹根
85 Very Low Bit Rate Video Coding Using Block Based Segmentation in the Wavelet Domain 賴建宏
85 Wavelet – based progressive image transmission and its lossless implementation 紀雅閔
84 Image Sequence Compression with the Aid of Motion Vector Prediction 張大一
84 Fractal – Modeled Image Compression Based on Shade – Pixel – Percentage Classification 洪哲雄
84 Image Coding Based on Wavelet Analysis 莊德昇
83 Adaptive – block – size facial image compression based on classification 張正
83 Image coding based on wavelet packets 孔令文
83 Restoration and Identification of Multi – channel Image 廖志宏
Academic Year Project Title Student
96 錯誤更正碼技術之模擬 黃頤清 鄧心瀅
96 錯誤更正碼技術之模擬 黃炫維 劉聿哲
95 數位影像之浮水印技術 梁智賢 陳科引 王榕田
94 數位通信技術模擬 李昭漢 鄭智瀚 吳永茂
93 浮水印植入以JPEG 2000壓縮之影像的研究 陳易達 張正男 陳建仁
92 IS95 – CDMA系統之探討 黃宗德 盧志恆 陳伯銘
91 A study on wavelet – CDMA communication 陳文璞 李桓傑 宋俊延
91 A study on wavelet – CDMA communication 尹恩德 林家龍 鄭龍德
90 以小波封包作影像壓縮 張世明 賴正文 李俊宏 黃文賢
90 以小波封包作影像壓縮之實作 邱高億 許振隆 高國源 黃奇隆
89 小波數位影像壓縮 鍾佳穎 李伍國 謝忍龍
89 以JPEG 2000做影像處理 吳國揚 吳俊華 張家豪
88 以溫納濾波器作影像回復 羅友舜 呂文福 葉益霖
87 以IDL軟體作影像處理 蘇冠勳 廖順毅 陳怡文
86 基於小波之數位影像分析 林明賢 汪勝嘉 梁清吉
85 各種影像壓縮技術的比較 李俊昌 黃世忠 陳和星
84 碎形物件的產生 林俊雄 賴莉茹
84 碎形模式化之數位影像壓縮 侯順宏 朱金輝 鄭明雄
Year Deeds